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iceland on a budget

Will surely refer to this when in planning for my dream destination! Everyone knows that Iceland is quite expensive, right? We love the Olis in Selfoss. Reply. However, if you plan ahead and make careful spending choices, you can enjoy your trip without breaking the bank. Not to be mistaken for yogurt, Skyr (pronounced skeer) is a dairy product made in Iceland. Iceland on a budget . With the shorter nights and colder temperatures, it will not be as easy to camp. There’s no denying that Iceland is a pricey place to visit, but a trip there doesn’t have to break the bank. You just need to know how to travel Iceland on a budget, and hopefully some of our tips have helped with that. Collage of colorful houses in Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavik. In some instances, we even had to drop certain places / things we wanted to see because they were just too far away or we didn’t have enough loot to cover it. Iceland! Iceland is notorious for being a pricey travel destination. The best way to see Iceland on a budget is to hire a cheap car and camp. You just need to be conscious about your spending (and take on board these tips)! When planning your trip to Iceland, try to budget for the sights and experiences you already know are on your bucket list. Iceland is one of the best destinations in the world for all types of travelers, but it’s also expensive. Madhumathi 2 May 2018 3:34 pm Hello.. Public transportation can be hard to find. However, with the wintery conditions you will need to spend more on food and fuel. Iceland on a budget. A bare-bones Iceland travel budget starts at around $100 USD a day. 0. In this article, we’re going to share our tips on saving money while you’re out and about in the country. Spend time searching the internet for flight deals and cost-cutting tricks. In Iceland, there’s a great (and very idiosyncratic) culture where fuel vendors end up being hubs for small villages and towns – read about this here, then go embrace it! Visit The Top of Hallgrimskirkja Church – $8 USD. I did, however, have tons of sunlight . Solo travelers should plan on $150 a day to cover either tours/bus tickets or a rental car for just yourself. Here are 15 great ways to save money on your trip and see this beautiful country without breaking the bank! These tips will truly allow you to visit Iceland on a budget. This will cover your accommodation, transportation (especially if you can share a rental car), and meals out of a supermarket. But here at Go Campers we believe that exploring this beautiful country doesn’t have to break the bank. Jun 28, 2017 - Iceland is known for two things: its dramatic volcanic landscape and for a being one of the most expensive countries in the world. For us, Iceland wasn’t about food. While you’ll need more in your daily budget to pay for daily living expenses, it’s possible to explore the island on a shoestring. Flying to Iceland can be quite cheap as there are many airline companies flying to this destination now. I visited Iceland in May and it was great. I have been wanting to visit Iceland since I spotted it from a plane window back in 2009. If you like nature (that’s what Iceland is all about), don’t care about 5-star hotels and you don’t mind to have sometimes a bit lower comfort – you’ll be just fine. Our 10 tips for a cheap Iceland holiday will help you save in one or more areas and bring the overall cost of your holiday down. But that being said, there are some strategic ways you can take heed on which we bring to your attention today below. Iceland is not exactly budget friendly as far as having a few drinks or a night on the town is concerned. Embrace gas-station culture – Another way to save some money on food is to eat at the diner-like petrol stations dotted around Iceland. But visiting Iceland on a tight budget is very much doable if you cut down on certain things. I would also suggest skimping on your food budget. In total, I went for 10 days. I think we have found the cheapest and most budget way to get out there and explore Iceland! 1. An Icelandic adventure is more than worth it. Iceland is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, and it is certainly possible to visit Iceland on a budget. But we stayed at Airbnb’s, split meals in restaurants, and rented our own car to get around the Ring Road. Iceland is a notoriously expensive destination to travel to. Well, you can have a great time in Iceland, see a lot of sights and still have some money left in your wallet. To save money, I suggest heading to the local grocery store instead of ordering Skyr at a restaurant. How to travel in Iceland on a super budget. However, renting a car in Iceland can take a big chunk out of your budget as you will realize if you look into the prices. Although some attractions are closed or inaccessible during the off-season (October to June), accommodation and car rental services offer lower prices. How to visit Iceland on a budget 27/12/2020 . mcav 27 April 2018 8:09 am This is awesome! There are plenty at the airport but you will save money if you get a cheap local bus from Reykjavik Airport into the city and stick to local car rental companies. Iceland is absolutely gorgeous and has some great places to camp. Don’t dine out ALL the time. We will repeatedly tell you, don’t dine out in Iceland, most especially if you have a desire to travel Iceland on a budget. If you look closely at the breakdowns, you can find ways to save money. Read on for 10 travel tips and hacks to save you money on your upcoming Icelandic adventure. Mar 28, 2018 - Nothing wrong with traveling Iceland on a budget especially when cheap eateries in Reykjavik are so, so good. Iceland is expensive, however with some careful planning and prep you can visit on a budget and get to see everything you want to. After the Kerio Crater, instead of turning back to Reykjavik, we continued to the coast, via Selfoss. This was meant to be a guide to how much a trip to Iceland costs based on my experience helping so many families. It will save a ton of money. If you’re looking to save some cash in Iceland, you’ll need to limit when you dine at a restaurant. When in Iceland on a budget, delicious food Even though Iceland is a bit expensive country, especially if you plan your trip carefully. Are you travelling to Iceland on a budget? Day tours to the Golden Circle or Blue Lagoon can be offset with cooking your own food and avoiding the expense of alcohol. Reply. Visit Iceland off-season. In July and August, these costs rise as much as 30%. Having an Iceland budget wedding can be tough, because remember you are getting married on a remote island and one of the most expensive countries in the world. Bonus is Iceland’s budget supermarket and the cheapest grocery store that allows you to travel to Iceland on a budget. Try Skyr – $2 USD+. If you rent a car, just make sure you budget for gas which can be expensive. Without further ado, here’s what you need to know to really make the most of it. Reply. You can visit Iceland on a budget. Build a day to day budget for before you head on over to Iceland. Planning a trip to Iceland in winter on a budget seemed like an extremely daunting task for my friend Ashley and I. Iceland on a Budget: Reykjavik and Itinerary 2017| The Poor Traveler […] 0. Stumbled upon this blog by chance ..and find this very insightful. However, this is not ideal outside of the summer months, even in September we only saw a couple of tents as we travelled around, so you’d need to be pretty hardcore to do this in the autumn and winter. But with careful planning, it is possible to travel on a budget in Iceland and have an awesome trip. Whilst Iceland holidays can definitely be expensive, there are ways to visit Iceland on a budget without affecting the quality of your trip. For example, a trip to the Blue Lagoon from the centre of Reykjavik will cost roughly £105 while climbing to the top of the Hallgrímskirkja Cathedral tower is £6.15. Iceland on a Budget: 10 Ways to Save Money. Getting to Iceland on a budget . However, we came up with 10 tips that turned our 10 days of exploration into a great success. I visited Iceland in May, so I didn’t have too many cold days ☃️ or nights. I loved the light and smooth texture. Play around with flight comparison sites such as Skyscanner to find the cheapest airport to depart from, the cheapest day of the week and the cheapest time of day. Because eating and drinking out is probably the most expensive aspect of the city. 2. 0. That’s why toll fees should be considered in your Iceland budget preparations. Have an amazing trip! So yes, Iceland vacation costs are high. There are several Iceland itineraries, but the most popular ones are the Golden Circle and a road trip to Southern Iceland. The weather was nice and the attractions were not crowded. There are several ways, that can help you to travel Iceland on a budget. That said, Iceland on a budget can be more of an effortless journey than you might expect. Transportation. And that’s without booze. I was embarking on my first solo trip to New Zealand and was immediately smitten with the rugged terrain. Here are my top tips for visiting Iceland on a budget! #3: Save For Snacks So You Won’t Go Hungry. With the famous Ring Road, Iceland is a remarkable place to make a road trip. Don’t let your budget stop you from experiencing the wonders of Iceland and follow our tips to make the most of what you have. These tips could even help make your Iceland getaway one of the most budget-friendly trips you will take! Definitely skip the alcohol if you're trying to budget. The key to travelling Iceland on a budget comes down to your food and drink choices. It is not at the top of most budget travelers’ lists. If you follow my tips you can take an amazing 7-day road trip in Iceland for a very affordable price! Iceland is known as one of the most expensive travel destinations in the world. Promise. Take note that an epic Iceland road trip would mean a lot of driving. Larger families or groups will cost more. Total Iceland Budget: $7,466. Therefore you are likely to want to book into a more costly hotel. Iceland on a Budget – Tour The South Coast of Iceland. You’re looking at around £30-50per person for a decent sit down meal, at least. Top budget tips on transport, food and what to see and do whilst you are travelling around Iceland on a budget. Iceland on a budget If you’re thinking of taking an Iceland budget trip, it’s not an impossible dream. Related: A Week In Iceland On $100 USD Budget. I want to share the five things that helped me travel around Iceland on a budget. I worked remotely while traveling for 3 days and drove around the Ring Road for the remainder of the trip. Here is the list of 10 money-saving tips to visit Iceland on a budget. Iceland is insanely expensive. A cocktail will run you up to 25 USD a piece. There are plenty of things to do and see in Iceland that are totally free – the stunning scenery, gushing waterfalls and magical landscapes, for example – as well as others that aren’t as pricey as you may expect. Yoshke Dimen Reply to mcav 28 April 2018 11:08 am Thanks, Mcav! If you don’t have enough luggage space to bring food supplies, pick up everything you need at the local Bonus store. In fact, it’s so expensive in the pubs and bars of Reykjavik, that youths have taken to pre-drinking before leaving the house so they don’t have to spend so much. Read this Iceland Travel Guide for the best things to do in Iceland on a budget, along with tips and tricks. I’d recommend using the below map as a rough guide and to explore the hidden gems for yourself. Winter is low season in Iceland, so prices for accommodation and vehicle hire are more budget friendly. Taking a road trip. Iceland on a budget probably means more adventure, since you’ll be out looking for it. Selfoss is a decent sized town of 8000, with a Kronor grocery store, which we used to stock up on food for the next few days. Here are some of my top tips for visiting Iceland on a budget! Here we listed a few tips to help you, visit Iceland on a budget. Top 10 budget tips for Iceland 1. You can also easily spend more. We decided to rent a car in Iceland which was the best option for us to get around. Avoid international car rental companies. Try unique flavors for 200 ISK ($2 USD). I know travelers who have come here with as little as $50-75 as their Iceland daily budget.

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